In a year when the headwinds against the national Republican ticket were blowing at gale force, Sen. McCain was poised to win the presidency until an ill-timed and hopefully temporary economic meltdown tilted the race back to Sen. Obama. The closeness of the race is in itself a remarkable accomplishment.
His selection of Gov. Sarah Palin and his defense of the sanctity of life energized the conservative base. His history of bi-partisanship — which aggravated many of us on the right — made him acceptable to many independents. His energy and perseverance were inspiring. His concession speech Tuesday night was incredibly gracious, and even eloquent. He truly is an American hero, and a remarkable political figure who has still never lost an election in Arizona.
Others will begin — indeed have already begun — to pick apart the campaign, the strategy and the candidate. For this conservative Republican, I have only one thing to say — thank you, Sen. McCain, for your service to a grateful country, and may God bless you and your family.

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