Tomorrow during the day might be a great time to go unplugged – no talk radio, no TV, no Internet.
I’m amused by the press declaring its intent to not call the presidential race until everyone is done voting. Having called the race in 2000 for Gore and the 2004 race for Kerry, the press claims to have learned its lesson.
In reality, the media called this race for Obama six months ago. So expect tomorrow to be filled with breathless reports of long lines and unprecedented turnout, especially among Obama’s base voters. The not-so-hidden message — Republicans, don’t even bother showing up.
You’ll have a better day if you just vote, make some turn out the vote calls, pray and then wait til at least 8 p.m. to turn on the TV.


  1. Thanks Len, I’ll give that a try. It might be the start of an election tradition. I think there’s still hope for our nation to seek mercy rather than selfish change…

  2. No Internet? Blasphemy!!!

  3. Thanks, Len. That is pretty much the conclusion I had already come to, but was feeling a bit guilty.
    Now, I guess I’ll just relax, pray, and accept that God IS the ONLY One who can do miracles (which He just may), and the ONLY One who knows when those miracles are best administered. And so we wait. And trust. And hope.


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