Following the hand-wringing stories about the changes in Arizona when and if Jan Brewer replaces Janet Napolitano as Governor — portrayed as horrible cuts to education and to the budget, today’s story is about the environment.
As I suspected, the series will conclude with a story about the effect of a gubernatorial change on state social policies, especially abortion.
Every story follows the same pattern. Things will be different under a Gov. Brewer. It begins with “concern” or even outright panic expressed by some left-wing interest group, followed by speculation about what changes would really occur, usually including comments from a conservative.
How do I know the abortion/social policy story is coming? Because today I was one of the token conservatives called by the Republic for my thoughts on what possible changes would occur.
I told reporter Matt Benson that I thought a Gov. Brewer would be focused first and foremost on restoring fiscal sanity to our state. When asked about particular bills, I pointed out that Gov. Napolitano’s abortion views (vetoing bans on reasonable restrictions on late-term, partial-birth abortion, for example) are far outside the mainstream in Arizona.
Republican legislative leaders and Secretary of State Brewer are seasoned, savvy elected officials. I have every confidence they will take principled, conservative positions on a variety of issues that will have the support of the vast majority of Arizonans.

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