John McCain arrived home in Arizona early this morning, exhausted but energized, knowing no direction but forward, and no speed but full speed ahead — needing one final surge that can only be provided by the voters of America.
And I believe it will be.
The case against Barack Obama is overwhelming and has nothing to do with race. He is by all accounts the most radical candidate for President in our history. The most extreme liberal on a host of issues, from abortion to gun control to appeasement in the face of tyranny.
But this policy extremism is packaged in a smooth, articulate, calm and conservative demeanor. He slaps and insults conservatives with one sentence and reassuringly talks about unity in the next. I don’t believe most of America is aware of what kind of presidency we would have under Barack Obama.
John McCain is an open book. Motivated by conservative instincts, but more pragmatic than ideological. Feisty and unpredictable. Motivated by an intense sense of duty, and filled with an energy level and determination unusual in men of any age. Tested and ready to lead.
At the end of the day, it’s difficult for me to believe we would elect a President whose victory would set off celebrations among the terrorists who desire to destroy America.
This is our time to speak, and soon we will know.


  1. Thank you for your commentary over the last few weeks. We are praying and of course voting today!

  2. The voters who elected Obama President have given away our individual freedoms and responsibilities, which distinguish America from other countries. A despotic Obama/Pelosi/Reid government will turn our freedom-loving America into a weak, collectivistic society unable to protect itself from other despots. Perhaps that is their plan.