Scott Rasmussen is one of America’s leading pollsters. He is not a conservative. So we can trust him when he says polling data indicates that America still embraces Reagan conservative principles. In fact, he attributes the Democratic win to Obama’s ability to convince Americans he was more committed to tax cuts than McCain.
The continued popularity of conservative principles is best proved by this simple fact — Democrats like Obama, who had the most liberal voting record in the United States Senate, recognize that they have to fool people into thinking they are moderate conservatives in order to win elections.


  1. Len:
    Is this not in fact what Janet Napolitano did in your bid against her?
    With a media that is not willing to speak truth and is complicit in the deceipt, conservatives must find new and more imaginative strategies for exposing these liars for who they really are.
    How about we challenge the 501c3 tax exemption muzzle and beat them from the pulpit?
    I mean isn’t that pretty much why the marriage amendments won?

  2. I think the thought of you saying that Americans voted for Obama because he FOOLED us into thinking he would give a tax break is one of the most IN DENIAL lines of crap I have ever heard. We voted for him because the conservative movement is history. We no longer have a majority of bible thumpers running the country. We as Americans voted in the man with a brain, and could CARE LESS about tax cuts, gettin ours, or religion. Its over, your bigoted kind are not welcome or wanted in this country any longer. Janet kicked your butt because she has a BRAIN, and we dont want card carrying bigots that think who they worship is enough to be in charge!

  3. Not all Americans voted for Obama. There’s quite a few that didn’t. Do you really think us “Bible Thumpers” will go away? No, in fact, we will become even louder and more vociferous in our stand.
    And you saying this is very telling: “Its over, your bigoted kind are not welcome or wanted in this country any longer.” Wow, what a bigoted statement!
    Excuse me, but your comments smack of Marxism, Leninism, Fascism, and every other Evilism invented by man.
    I’m not welcome? What are you going to do? Execute me and my family and my Christian friends? I think Hitler said the same thing about the Jews because they weren’t welcome. Is this what “your kind” whatever it is, thinks of Christians? So, what will it be? Mass execution, gas chambers, poisoning, what? What exactly do you hope your Obama does with us since we are no longer welcome?
    Know this, a country cannot survive apart from God’s protection as you will soon discover when Obama abandons Israel. It is very dangerous to ignore the power of a mighty God despite your assertions to the contrary.
    You would do well to put away “Alice in Wonderland” and read the “Book of Revelations”. Doing so I pray may save your soul.

  4. Wow Kimberly,
    One would think you had lost the last election with the hostile tone of your post. Simply reviewing Mr. Obama’s campaign message in the last several weeks of the election demonstrates his emphasis on cutting taxes. Remember: “I am going to give a tax break to 95% of Americans.” Now, mind you, 40% of Americans do not pay taxes so the math wasn’t necessarily accurate. Likewise, though, is the threshold for getting pounded by increased taxes: $250,000 or was it $200,000, or did I hear $150,000, or was it actually $120,000???? Nevertheless, the Conservative Movement is not dead. America has always been a country made up of hard working people pursuing dreams, raising families, and thanking God for the opportunities that come with being an American. The wheel will turn again and the American people will correct course.


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