It appears that all three marriage amendments — in Arizona, Florida, and miracle of miracles, California! – have prevailed on a day with unprecedented turnout among more liberal Americans. These amendments are more popular than virtually any party or politician. Sen. Obama spoke out against Proposition 8 in California, and it looks like it will prevail even though Obama won nearly 60 percent of the California vote.
The victory of these amendments should remind President-elect Obama and his liberal allies to be extremely careful as they pursue the radical social agenda outlined in the Platform of the Democratic Party. Moreover, the national support for Obama AND the traditional definition of marriage is a reminder that those who believe in marriage — many of whom also supported Obama — are not motivated by bigotry, but by concern for our society’s foundational institution.
On the local level, Gov. Napolitano’s effort to take over the legislature for the Democratic Party was a colossal failure. Despite pouring a massive and unprecedented amount of special interest money into legislative races, Republicans did extremely well, perhaps even picking up seats, an outcome that was not expected. Our political action committee, PRO-PAC, was delighted to make “turn out the vote” calls statewide urging Republicans to keep some “checks and balances” on Gov. Napolitano’s tax and spend inclinations.
And we look forward to sending a reinvigorated Congressman John Shadegg back to Washington to continue fighting to reform the Republican Party and bring it back to its limited government foundation, as he helps lead the loyal opposition to a Democratic Party moving ever further to the left.

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