Here from the front-page of today’s rapidly shrinking Arizona Republic is a picture of Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano meeting with legislative leaders to solve Arizona’s budget crisis …. check that, this is Arizona’s Governor in Washington D.C. next to the Vice President-elect Joe Biden discussing Homeland Security.
Even if, as Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell said recently, Gov. Napolitano has “no life”, and even if like Barack Obama she is good at “multi-tasking,” she still can’t be in two places doing two jobs at the same time, as this picture demonstrates.
Arizona deserves a full-time Governor who is committed to the future of our state. Since Gov. Napolitano has instead committed herself to take another job next month, the legislature should begin budget negotiations with Secretary of State Brewer. And if Napolitano insists on delivering the State of the State address a couple weeks before skipping out on us, she should do so to a near-empty chamber devoid of any Republicans. She can give the speech to a chamber full of Democrats like Sen. Ken Cheuvront, who said Napolitano was “willing to put her career above the needs of the state.” Ouch.


  1. Apparently (#1) if Janet were to resign now, then she would not have any income until she had been rubber stamp approved by congress and started work for the US government.
    Apparently (#2) that would be a huge financial hardship for Janet and that wouldn’t be acceptable.
    Apparently (#3) Barack and Janet’s plan is to allow the Arizona tax payers to keep her income flowing until such time as is appropriate/convenient for them.
    Apparently (#4) it is far more important for Janet to spend her time learning her new job than it is to balance the budget in AZ.
    FYI – I’m assuming that we (AZ tax payers) are still supplying/paying Janet’s transportation and travel expenses, and probably staff and security detail as well.

  2. As I recall, the Governor’s salary is about $95,000 a year. If we pay her through the end of January, that’s about 8 weeks, or $14,615. If I can find 100 others willing to join me, that’s only $146.15 each. What a bargain! Where can I send my check? Heck, I’ll even drive her to the bus station!

  3. “By their fruits ye shall know them”.
    Where have I heard that? Can’t put my finger on it…..oh, the Word of God.


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