In Gov. Napolitano’s press release announcing her intent to bail out on her commitment to Arizona, there is this extraordinary paragraph:

“Arizona is also facing a time of challenge, and I intend to carry forward with my most
important responsibilities as the leader of this state. In just a few weeks, I will deliver my
State of the State address, and shortly thereafter, I will present to the Arizona Legislature a
balanced budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2010.”

This is outrageous. Arizona is in crisis, and the Governor has agreed to accept another job. And not a little job — the job of guaranteeing the safety of the American people against terror attacks, natural disasters and illegal immigration. She has a lot to learn in the next month and a half, and she has to prepare for Senate confirmation hearings.
The notion that she can adequately prepare for that huge responsibility, while paying attention to budget issues she has largely ignored, is ridiculous. The idea that a lame duck Governor should deliver a “State of the State” address is laughable. The spirit of Arizona’s “resign to run” law is violated by Gov. Napolitano’s insistence on holding onto power here until the last possible moment.
The tough decisions about Arizona’s future need to be made by Arizona elected officials who are actually committed to the future of our state, and who intend to complete their terms of office.
For once, Gov. Napolitano needs to put the interests of the country and the state above her own political interests. Soon to be Gov. Jan Brewer should not have to put together her team and switch offices in the middle of a legislative session — not when we have plenty of time for a more orderly transition.
Gov. Napolitano should resign immediately.


  1. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I will contact the Governor’s office urging her resignation.

  2. You are surprised? When has this woman shown any interest in anything that did not benefit her personally? I strongly believe that past general behavior predicts future general behavior. Put another way, can a leopard change his spots? Therefore, can we cleverly predict her role as Secretary of Homeland Insecurity?

  3. Perhaps Janet is worried that Obama will not be sworn in.
    This birth certificate issue and the question of Obama’s citizenship I hear is gaining steam.
    Wouldn’t it be great if Janet resigned and then lost the Homeland Security position because of Obama breaking the law?
    We can only hope and pray.

  4. This seems to be the Governor’s parting shot at the state she has slowly–but consistently–driven into the ground. With the important budgetary decisions that must be made throughout the coming year, Gov. Napolitano should do what is best for the state and get out now.