You’ve got to love the American people. We’ve just elected royalty to the presidency in the form of King Barack Obama. He’s out on the golf course in his native Hawaii struggling his way around 18 holes, and then this:

“That was pretty good, right?” Obama said to cheers as he finished a round of golf near his $9 million rented vacation home near Honolulu.
The woman sitting on a nearby wall shouted, “Better than your bowling.”
Obama smiled and went back to lining up his putt, which he got close to the hole but not in.
The woman’s quip referred to Obama’s embarrassing bowling outing in Pennsylvania, when he knocked down only 37 pins – with the assist during two frames from an 8-year-old.

Only in America.

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  1. As I did for President Bush I will pray for President Obama. I hope all Christians will follow the biblical injunction to pray for their leaders.


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