After listening to President Obama’s speech on the economy this morning, it occurs to me that this President is not only relying on our ignorance of history, he is willfully exploiting the short attention span of the American people.
The impression he leaves is that the American economy has always been a disaster, always on the verge of disaster — until he came along to rebuild it. The reality is that our economy has long been the envy of the world, and even during the Bush years – despite an unprovoked and unprecedented terrorist attack, despite a Category 5 hurricane direct hit on New Orleans, etc. – the economy was so strong that Democratic governors were riding it to easy re-elections as late as 2006 (that’s a sore point, sorry).
President Obama needs to talk down the economy and our American history in order to maintain the support he needs to do all the radical left-wing things that liberal ideologues have always wanted to do, including socialized health care, and widespread government control and regulation of the economy. He needs us to be scared; he needs a crisis. But those who understand history know that increasing governmental control of the economy and increasing government spending by taking money out of our pockets and out of the private sector will be an economic disaster.
What can those of us who believe in economic freedom and liberty do? Well we can start by showing up to stand in opposition. And your first opportunity to do so is tomorrow, on April 15, by participating in one of many Tea Parties throughout the United States. I will be attending the Tea Party at the Arizona Capitol Wednesday evening.
Hopefully our mere attendance at the Tea Parties won’t put us on the federal government’s “right-wing extremist” watch list.

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  1. Fox News placated Napolitano and noted that much of our oil comes from Mexico. They cornered her on the issue during the interview.… It was meant for law enforcement and cops generally say it is a useless report.
    “I get briefed on the reports” Napolitano said to Fox News defending herself on signing off on the reports. “I was briefed on it. I’m not running away from it.” She said, “If you actually read the report …” and she already admitted that she was only briefed on the report!
    “It’s the violence that we are trying to protect,” said Napolitano in the closing line of the interview with Fox News.
    Didn’t know who you were, until writer Jim McAllister from Scottsdale told me about you. Had to check you out. I live on a ridge in the Missouri Ozarks and I am disgusted by what the secretary of DHS has endorsed. According to the Fox News interview, she was briefed on the report, but she didn’t read it until after she endorsed it with her signature. Her only problem is with a footnote? That document is an insult to every American that thinks with their head instead of using it for a hat rest. I saw that you had no comments, but people read it. They read my stuff on AZCentral and I’m not as eloquent a writer as you or Jim McAllister.


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