Every President makes political calculations when nominating Supreme Court Justices.
President Obama, with no Latinos in his Cabinet, was under intense pressure to choose a Hispanic woman, and federal appeals court judge Sonia Sotamayor was a perfect fit. Already, Democratic strategists are crowing about “locking up the Hispanic vote” for years to come as a result of this pick.
Republicans may be wary about opposing the first Hispanic high court nominee, despite her obvious liberal judicial philosophy and a You Tube clip showing her joking about federal appeals courts being the place where policy is made.
But if Democrats try to make too much of this historic first appointment, Republicans will be quick to remind them of their disgraceful treatment of federal appeals court judge nominee Miguel Estrada — who after two appointments, 28 months and seven Senate filibusters — withdrew his name from consideration. Estrada was opposed by Democrats precisely because they feared he could later become a Republican appointee to the Supreme Court. President Bush also appointed the first Latino Attorney General of the United States.
From my perspective, with the goal of a color-blind society in sight, I would like to see the focus for all candidates for high office be on their ability and judicial philosophy rather than their heritage or skin color.

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