Former Gov. Janet Napolitano was back in Arizona yesterday doing what she does best — handing out other people’s money:

Napolitano wouldn’t elaborate on details during an appearance here Thursday in which she announced grants of about $59 million for local law enforcement efforts to combat crime along the southwestern border.

I’m all for fighting crime along the southwestern border. But Secretary Napolitano has a long history of spending money that doesn’t exist, failing to provide any details, and then leaving other people — usually Republicans — to clean up the mess.
So now, in a day of multi-trillion dollar federal deficits, she is all smiles as she hands out federal money that is borrowed against our future. Meanwhile, six years of Napolitano overspending in Arizona created a huge problem she has left for Republicans to try to clean up, and even now there are no easy solutions.
History repeats itself. At some point, a responsible Republican administration will have to clean up the mess created by Obama administration overspending.
But it sure is fun to hand out money.

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