Christmas Eve 2009
“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.”
We are thankful for all the cards and letters we get at this time of year with family updates. Here is a brief update on the Munsils:
Matt Munsil (13) – 8th grade at Scottsdale Prep, enjoys baseball, basketball, football and PlayStation, not necessarily in that order.
Kaye Munsil (14) – 9th grade at Scottsdale Prep, loves basketball, baking, volleyball, softball, and taking care of little kids.
Ellen Munsil (16) – 10th grade at Scottsdale Prep, likes science, working out, the Food Channel and her first job — coaching gymnastics.
Laura Munsil (17) – 12th grade at BASIS Scottsdale, busy with college applications, standardized tests and working at Harkins.
Michael Munsil (18) – freshman at ASU, loves pick-up basketball, offbeat humor and teasing Matt, not necessarily in that order.
Anne Munsil (20) – sophomore at Southwestern College, enjoys playing college basketball, majoring in biblical studies and coming home on weekends.
Leigh Munsil (21) – senior at ASU, loves editing the State Press at ASU, filling out job, internship and grad school applications, and singing on church worship team.
Will Munsil (22) – first-year law student at ASU, likes torts, writing columns for the State Press, coaching baseball and football at Scottsdale Prep, and Jared Dudley.
Tracy Munsil – doctoral candidate at ASU, loves being done with classes, comps and dissertation prospectus, looks forward to writing dissertation and graduating, while continuing as vice chair of Republican Legislative District 8.
Len Munsil – is the only one not in school! Loves his family, his country and his God. Busy with law practice, a small consulting business and helping build a new non-profit with a big mission of promoting cultural reformation.
We are thankful for this season that reminds us of the birth of our redeemer, the One through whom God and sinner can be reconciled. We are thankful that in the midst of economic turmoil, governmental overreach and corruption, moral confusion and public despair, there is a peace that passes understanding and a hope that transcends politics.
From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!
Munsil family Christmas photo 2009.JPG

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