Over the past year what many of us predicted has become obvious – President Obama, despite his moderate, bi-partisan rhetoric – is using his huge Democratic majorities in Congress to take America in a radical, big-government direction.
My interest in public policy is rooted in my sincere belief that conservative principles – limited, constitutional government, the free market, low taxes, a strong national defense, border security, and strong families – will provide the greatest peace and prosperity to our nation.
That is why I chose to pursue a seemingly impossible task — taking on a hugely popular Governor in 2006 during economic boom-times – to provide principled conservative opposition. I was gratified to receive the nomination of the Republican Party. Sadly, many of my predictions about the effect of then-Gov. Napolitano’s constant push for more and more spending have come true, and Arizona lives with the resulting economic nightmare today.
In recent days I have become increasingly concerned about whether Republicans in Congress are willing to stand unflinchingly and uncompromisingly for limited, constitutional government, national and border security, and an end to corporate bailouts and governmental takeovers of private companies and industries.
I have great respect for Sen. John McCain — not only for his war record but for the sacrifices he has made to represent Arizona in Congress and the United States for the past three decades.
I was grateful to have Sen. McCain’s support as someone he indicated would be “a Governor we can trust” in 2006, and I was pleased to endorse him for President in 2008.
At the same time, as Sen. McCain would acknowledge, no citizen is entitled to public office indefinitely. To appreciate Sen. McCain’s service to our nation and to Arizona does not necessarily lead to the conclusion that he is entitled to a fourth decade in Washington.
These are extraordinary times, and the threats to our nation’s security and prosperity are real. We cannot effectively oppose the Obama-Pelosi-Reid big-government takeover with politics as usual.
While I continue to have great respect for Sen. McCain, I also believe Arizona desperately needs conservative change in the U.S. Senate in 2010.
Believing that J.D. Hayworth will provide a consistent, reliable conservative vote and voice in Washington, D.C., I am supporting J.D. Hayworth for the United States Senate in 2010.
JD is on the right side of issues important to conservatives – opposing illegal immigration, ending bailouts, fighting against Cap & Trade and stopping unconstitutional restraints on political speech. He is consistent in his support for the sanctity of life and the institution of marriage. And JD will be an articulate spokesman for conservative principles.


  1. JD Hayworth will go down in history just like you Mr. Munsil. A Loser.
    John McCain endorsed your campaign when many wouldn’t. I have just lost any respect I ever had for you.
    Glad that your career in politics is over!

  2. “I am supporting J.D. Hayworth for the United States Senate in 2010.”
    Len, that’s terrific. I was so pleased to hear about your endorsement. I’m sure it was not an easy decision.


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