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There is at least one thing that unites all of humanity – every person to ever live on this earth (since Adam and Eve) has a Mom.
And let’s face it – most Moms, even before Roe v. Wade – had a choice about whether to bring you into the world.
This Mother’s Day, do something special to say “thanks” to your Mom for choosing life – purchase a “Choose Life” license plate at www.servicearizona.com. And if you can, let her know you did it in her honor.
Not only do you help build a culture of life in your community, but $17 of the special plate fee of $25 goes to the Arizona Life Coalition to promote the work of crisis pregnancy centers in Arizona!
Since the plate became available in 2009, already more than $17,000 has been raised for the Arizona Life Coalition.
Visit www.arizonalifecoalition.org for more information and instructions on how to order your “Choose Life” license plate!

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