Recently I posted about Janet Napolitano’s desire to spend our state right back into a deficit. I noted her willingness to take credit for the surplus despite the fact that, had her budget proposals been followed for the past three years, we would have remained in a deficit. Her latest email to constituents is almost an admission that she’s had nothing to do with Arizona’s economic boom. She writes:

Three years ago, when I took office, Arizona was in trouble—we had a billion dollar deficit and a sputtering economy. But today, we are doing extraordinarily well.

After reciting a litany of positive economic statistics, she says:

In 2003, we had a long way to go toward economic success. Now, we can proudly say that Arizona has a powerful economy that is prepared to handle future bumps in the road.

Notice the glaring omission? Not a single reference to anything she did, or any policy she promoted, that led to our state’s economic boom! That’s because she’s had nothing to do with it, and she knows it. What can she say? Here’s a suggestion for her campaign:

Thanks to the legislature’s good sense in ignoring my massive spending proposals and the tax increases recommended by my hand-picked commission, our economy is doing really well. I hope you will support my re-election so that Arizona’s economy can continue to benefit from completely ignoring my economic proposals.