Marc Spitzer is one of the brightest guys in elective office in Arizona. He was an outstanding state senator, and is now a member of the Arizona Corporation Commission. He is running for re-election, and I hope you will help him.
I am honored to have Marc Spitzer’s primary endorsement:

In politics the voter is often confronted by a
dilemma. Vote for either the best candidate or
the candidate most likely to defeat the Democrat
in November.

With Len Munsil there is no dilemma. Len is the
best candidate and he is also the most likely to
win the general election.

Len Munsil is an intelligent, articulate Reagan
conservative. He is an economic conservative
as well as a social conservative. He is pro-family.
He is also able to quickly learn new, complex issues.

He will be able to effectively probe the incumbent’s
liberal views and score points in debate. He is the best
qualified candidate for Governor and also is the best
choice to defeat the incumbent in November.

Marc Spitzer