Gov. Napolitano shattered her carefully crafted image as a moderate to conservative Democrat with a string of vetoes Monday that revealed her as a liberal activist.
Clearly hoping to avoid the effect of one liberal veto after another, she released them all at once, hoping they would get lost in the media shuffle. In one day, she showed her liberal views on immigration, gun control and abortion.
IMMIGRATION: She vetoed an effort to allow local police to enforce the rule of law against those who are here illegally. While border security should be our first priority, and while we need to equip police agencies with training to make this effort worthwhile, Napolitano’s veto of this simple bill reveals that all of her tough talk about immigration is exactly that — talk. She simply cannot be trusted, after 11 years in authority on this issue, to do anything to stem the tide of illegal immigration in our state.
GUN RIGHTS: She vetoed an effort to prevent the Governor from being able to take people’s guns away during an emergency. The right to keep and bear arms, under both our federal and state constitutions, is fundamental to liberty. An emergency is exactly when that right needs to be protected. Incredibly, despite admitting that the government took people’s guns away without authority during the Katrina disaster, Napolitano vetoed this measure. Apparently she wants the ability to take your gun away in an emergency. No member of the NRA should even think about voting for Janet Napolitano for re-election.
ABORTION: Whether you are pro-choice or pro-life, the vast majority of citizens believe that our tax dollars should not pay for elective abortions, and that parents should know when their minor daughters are having an abortion. Janet Napolitano promised the abortion industry that she would protect their interests, and this may be the only campaign promise she has kept. She vetoed reasonable, moderate regulations that prevented taxpayer funds from paying for abortions and required a notarized statement from parents before their child could be operated on.
Moderates, pay attention — Janet Napolitano is no moderate. She is a liberal ideologue on immigration, on gun control and on abortion.