Janet Napolitano has been quick to take credit for reversing our state’s economic fortunes. For the last few weeks, Virtual Janet would pop out on her website and take credit for turning Arizona from deficit spending to a surplus. (Virtual Janet also kept inviting people to house parties that took place a week ago, so they took her down. Can’t wait for Virtual Janet 2.0.) Reality Janet, as opposed to Virtual Janet, proposed more than a billion dollars in new spending over the past three years that was rejected by the Legislature. That’s more spending than the surplus. If Reality Janet had her way, there would be no surplus.
Liberal politicians like Janet Napolitano will always find more ways to spend your money. Her budget proposes a 22 percent spending increase for next year, which according to the Arizona Tax Research Association would spend us right back into at least a $300 million deficit. And that’s not a virtual deficit. That’s reality.