Having taken several hits now from liberal members of the media and from Janet Napolitano’s campaign cronies, it’s pretty clear that we are perceived by most people as her likely opponent in the general election in November. You can expect more attacks and accusations in the days ahead.
When I entered the race for the Republican nomination, I promised to devote my attention to explaining the differences between me and Janet, and I have done that. But as our campaign gathers momentum, we unfortunately have become the subject of rumors, gossip and public attacks from supporters of other candidates, and sometimes from the candidates themselves. The other candidates all joined me in signing a statement from the Arizona Republican Party to abide by Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment: to not speak ill of our Republican opponents, and to support whoever wins the primary. I intend to keep that commitment.
The goal is to beat Janet Napolitano. I will set forth my qualifications and any policy differences. But I will not denigrate my primary opponents in a way that would undermine their chances at winning the general election.