Congr Letter Excerpt

“We are writing to let you know of our enthusiastic support for Len Munsil, the leading Republican candidate for Governor of Arizona! … We believe it is critical for the Republican Party to rally around Len Munsil, the best candidate to replace our current liberal Governor. We have all known Len Munsil for years. We, along with thousands of others across the state, have admired his advocacy for families and children…. Len’s campaign has caught fire with citizens all over Arizona, and has established him as our best chance for victory in November. We also know Len as a skilled and articulate attorney, and as a public policy expert who has the intellect and leadership ability to turn Arizona in the right direction! … Please join this grassroots effort! Please join us in electing a mainstream Reagan conservative to the Governor’s office in Arizona in 2006!”
Congressman John Shadegg, Congressman Jeff Flake, Congressman Rick Renzi, Congressman Trent Franks