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Len wants your help. Please check the things you are willing to do to help elect Len Munsil Governor of Arizona.
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Yard Sign – One of the easiest jobs you can do – and it takes only 15.8 seconds! Tell all your neighbors who you are voting for in November with your “Len Munsil” yard sign.
Maintain Signs – We have signs up all over. Will you keep an eye on those for us? Will you let the Headquarters know if you see a sign that has been damaged by wind or other factors? Perhaps you’d even be willing to be the assigned “sign-fixer” in your neighborhood. Let us know!
Put Len on your Bumper! – As you drive away from your neighborhood, let everyone behind you know who you are following. Add a “Len Munsil” bumper sticker to your car.
Help at Campaign Office – In fact, just drive that car on down to the Len Munsil campaign office, located at 8960 E. Raintree, Suite 200, in Scottsdale (just east of the 101 Loop). We need volunteers to help with jobs from big to small. And the best part – no experience is required!
Phone Calls / Phone Banks – While you are at the office, you might help us with our phone calls. After all, someone needs to answer all those people who are calling on all those signs and bumper stickers they saw as they left their neighborhood today! We also need volunteers to take part in evening and weekend phone banking efforts.
Recruit Other Volunteers – Have any friends that you think might be willing to join our grass-roots efforts to propel Len to the top office in the state? Take them out for coffee on your way to the campaign office!
Host a Party – Just a few friends, or everyone on your mailing list. You decide the size of the party, but Len would love to stop by and meet some new people at your home as you share dessert together.
Get 10 Votes! – Can you find 10 people to vote for Len in November? You – that is one, your spouse makes 2 – see, you only need 8 more!
Tell 10 – If you tell 2 friends, and they tell 2 friends, and so on, and so on – before you know it, EVERYONE will know that Len Munsil is the top candidate for Govenor for Arizona 2006.
Be a Team Leader – Are you a better leader than a follower? Then we need YOU to help coordinate all those friends that you just recruited to help Len’s campaign.
Help at Events – Join us at the events! Help us distribute literature and collect those valuable signatures at promotional events.

Big or small, every minute donated by a willing volunteer helps get Len one step closer to that office at 1700 West Washington. What part will you play?

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