The reason our campaign finance laws require donors to disclose their occupation is so that citizens can determine if one particular industry or profession has disproportionate influence with particular candidates. Reviewing Janet Napolitano’s list of contributors of seed money in 2002, one profession stands out — attorneys. I don’t think half the people in Arizona are trial lawyers — but it seems like about half of Janet’s supporters are lawyers.
Compare it to my list of supporters, where you will see small business owners, engineers, homemakers, retired people, students — a cross-section of Arizona, without any one profession dominating.
There is no question that victims should be compensated when they are harmed. But in a day when those who have committed their lives to the healing professions — physicians and nurses — are being forced out in droves because of lawsuits and high insurance costs, we need to recognize the system is broken. With a severe shortage of doctors and nurses and with medical costs skyrocketing, we have a governor right now who is committed to protecting the status quo for her trial lawyer friends. That is not acceptable.