It is rare in a contested primary for elected legislators to take the “risk” of endorsing one candidate. There are many dangers — fear of reprisals from allies of the other candidates, and concern over the effect on their own candidacies.
That’s what made today’s legislative endorsements at the Capitol remarkable — as The Arizona Capitol Times reported, at least 31 of 57 Republican legislators are behind me, including 29 who went public today. No other candidate has more than 6. No other candidate has a congressional endorsement, we have a majority of Arizona’s congressional delegation. As Rep. Steve Yarbrough said:

“Clearly Len is uniting Republicans from throughout Arizona and from different elements within our party. The Republican party has not been this united and excited about a gubernatorial candidate in the primary in many years.”

Endorsement Announcement.jpg
I have great respect for these legislators and the voters who sent them to the Capitol. I am honored by their incredible show of support today.