In the midst of various excuses for her latest veto of efforts to crack down on illegal immigration, Janet Napolitano pats herself on the back in her veto message for the work of her “fraudulent ID task force.” But the nation’s leading experts on Identity Theft, Bob and JoAnn Hartle, are endorsing me! Here is a portion of their endorsement letter, where they describe Janet Napolitano’s failure in this area:

Bob & JoAnn Hartle of ID Theft Services are pleased to endorse Len Munsil for Governor.
Criminal Aliens cannot live and work in this country without committing Felony Identity Theft … Len Munsil understands the importance of the connection of criminal alien activity in immigration to these Felony crimes.
Our current Governor and current State Attorney General have been in office 3 years without any reduction in Identity Theft crimes in Arizona. No bringing together Law Enforcement in education to them or cases state wide. No investigation into the issuing of fraudulent driver’s licenses and state ID cards through the DMV. And no review of driver’s licenses & state ID cards from 1996 forward now being allowed to be used in voting.
This non action by the Governor who hired an Inspector General to address this matter shows a lack of leadership. An Inspector General’s request for funding and assistance through the Governor and State Attorney General has fallen on deaf ears.

These are the folks who understand Identity Theft, and who have tried to work with our current Governor. I’m honored to have their support.