In her own words, from today’s Washington Post:

“We’re not going to seal the border; we can’t,” she said, referring to vast stretches of forbidding desert. “When I hear congressional and media people saying, ‘Shut the border,’ I think to myself, ‘They’ve never seen the border.’ You can’t possibly have been to the Arizona-Mexico border and believe that is possible.”

I’ve seen the border, and I disagree. I believe, like Ronald Reagan, that Americans can do anything they set out to do. If we can liberate Europe twice and send a man to the moon, I think we can secure 350 miles of our own border. Radar technology, manpower deployed to deter illegal crossings, and additional fences will do the job. As the story indicates, those things worked in California and Texas and sent most of the illegal traffic to Arizona.
Janet Napolitano won’t secure the border. I will. It’s that simple.