With Janet Napolitano in leadership in law enforcement in our state since 1994, Arizona has the highest crime rate in the nation. Recent news stories have highlighted our growing meth problem, which is leading to high rates of incarceration for women, and the explosive growth of dangerous gangs in Arizona.
Amidst all these crime stories, with Arizona atop the nation in crime rate, where are the Democratic Governor and Attorney General? The Governor was in Sedona issuing statements on global warming, while Attorney General Terry Goddard was in Washington D.C. complaining about high gas prices.
I was proud to stand today with Bill Montgomery, an outstanding Republican candidate for Attorney General, as he announced the filing of his petition signatures and $5 contributions to qualify for Clean Elections funding. A special “thank you” to all our supporters who responded to my request to send in $5 donations to Bill’s campaign!
I worked with prosecutors and law enforcement officials around the nation for more than a decade, and I know that Bill Montgomery and I will make an effective team to reverse Arizona’s growing crime problem.