It is still too early to pay much attention to polls. Nevertheless, some trends are beginning to develop. Most significantly, the strength of our grassroots campaign is beginning to provide momentum in the polls.
The latest Zogby poll on Arizona’s governor race demonstrates how much progress we have made in our short time in this race. Last month, up against Janet Napolitano, we were down by 16 points. This month, we are down less than 11 points, 49.6 to 38.7. We have moved 8 points closer to Janet in the last two months — nearly cutting her lead in half.
At the same time, Don Goldwater has stalled at about 8 points behind the Governor. While we moved 5 points closer in the last month, he stayed stagnant. In fact, we are now within the margin of error compared to Don Goldwater.
In other words, in a head to head against Janet Napolitano, Don Goldwater and I are in a dead heat. We have already eliminated the benefit of the Goldwater name – the most famous name in Arizona history — and we have barely begun to spend money. Meanwhile, Don is approaching the one-year anniversary of announcing his campaign, and is still making daily appeals for $5 donations. What is taking Don a year to accomplish took us less than 3 months
Our campaign has proven to be better organized, with better fundraising, better grassroots support, better support from elected leaders and a better grasp of multiple policy issues. I have proven to be just as tough on the need to secure the border, without the overheated rhetoric and the multiple gaffes being committed by other candidates. And I have 20 years experience as a policy expert and principled conservative leader that other candidates cannot match. That is why we have captured the momentum in this campaign, along with the support of four U.S. Congressmen and more than 30 state legislators.
You have made this surge possible! And you can help us keep the momentum by emailing Julie Lind to find out what you can do to push us over the top!