In today’s Republic Political Insider, Napolitano mouthpiece Barry Dill described as “poppycock” my contention that Napolitano has been ducking the question of where she stands on the Protect Marriage Arizona Amendment for the “better part of a year.”
I was wrong. She’s been ducking the question for more than a year. Here’s a blurb from a gay website describing her first and most prominent effort to avoid the issue, all the way back in June 2005:

“Meanwhile, Democratic Gov. Janet Napolitano disappointed the state’s biggest LGBT group on the weekend when she failed to condemn the proposed constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.
Napolitano was the keynote speaker at the Arizona Human Rights Fund’s annual fundraiser in Phoenix.
While speaker after speaker condemned amending the state constitution to ban gay marriage Napolitano carefully avoided any mention of the issue.”

While she has expressed concern about the measure’s breadth, she did not actually come out against it until last week’s response to a Republic questionnaire – more than a year after her first duck.