Today’s Arizona Republic carried a front-page feature story on me.
Obviously we have no control over the spin placed on my campaign by a press corps that is generally supportive of Janet Napolitano. As a former journalist, I have seen some themes develop:
Because I can speak effectively on multiple issues and have real policy differences with Janet Napolitano that most people agree with me on, the emphasis of news coverage will not be on those issues. Instead, stories will focus on the perceived contrast between what I talked about as the leader of a conservative policy group, and what I am talking about as a candidate for Governor. The effort is to make me look like I’m backing away from social issues. As I have pointed out previously, if I emphasized social issues I would be portrayed as purely a social issues candidate. We know that Napolitano’s staff, viewing me as the most formidable Republican candidate, is scouring my past writings for anything that sounds outrageous to a liberal, and feeding those statements to the media.
At the same time, plenty of coverage will be given to any attacks on me, including those filed with Clean Elections. Today the Commission dismissed a second complaint against me that received plenty of coverage when it was filed. We will see if the media covers the dismissal of another frivolous complaint filed by the Democrats. It’s a complete cheap shot to get news coverage of the filing of a complaint, with no evidence, and then get no coverage when a complaint is dismissed. Again, more evidence that the Democrats are more worried about our campaign than they admit.
As I’ve said from the beginning, we are not going to win this campaign in the liberal media. Our campaign has surged in the polls because of our grassroots efforts. YOU have the ability to counteract efforts by the media to make mainstream conservatives look extreme! Please email Julie Lind TODAY to find out how you can help us!