There have been four polls in the Governor’s race in the last few weeks, by Zogby, Rasmussen, Survey USA and Bruce Merrill. The first three showed us down by 10, 16 and 18 points.
None of them received media coverage. The only poll to get media coverage is the one by Merrill, which shows us down by 36.
As I reminded you repeatedly during the primary, when poll after poll showed us trailing another candidate by huge margins – don’t pay attention to them just yet.
But especially don’t pay attention to this latest Merrill poll. This is the same pollster who – just days before the primary – had us behind one candidate and tied with another. A few days later we won the primary by double digits and outpolled the candidate we were “tied” with 51 to 6.
Are we behind? Of course, just like we were behind in the primary. We are facing an incumbent who represents the values of the mainstream media and of liberal pollsters. She has received four years of fawning media coverage, is rarely questioned on anything, and as a result is given credit for a great state economy that happened only because we ignored her economic policies.
Meanwhile, most people in Arizona are just now beginning to realize there is an election coming up in November. Many of them know nothing about me – except the false things they’ve been told by the Democratic Party’s dirty tricks department.
But since all of these polls were taken two things have happened. Janet Napolitano has embraced and defended an anti-American 9-11 Memorial, creating a national firestorm.
And the Democratic Party she controls has been exposed for funding organizations that lied about who they were, lied about my position on issues, and then lied about paying for it.
And you have to ask this question: if the Democrats believed these poll numbers, why in the world would they attack me so viciously and risk being exposed for lying to cover up their sleazy campaign tactics?
If they believed I were no threat — why would they try to knock me out in the Republican primary with a deceptive dirty trick?
Even Bruce Merrill says the race will tighten: “It will definitely close … as the election approaches,” he said. “However, the question for Munsil will be whether he has the time and money to overtake Napolitano’s big lead.”
The answer to that is up to you. Keep working, keep talking to your friends, keep volunteering, and we will shock the media and the pollsters again in November.