I have been saying for months that Janet Napolitano is out of the mainstream in Arizona. Now we have more evidence through her support for an offensive 9-11 Memorial and a politically correct 9-11 curriculum for our public schools.
Janet describes the Memorial as “unique, bold, educational and unforgettable.” I would describe it as an insult to the victims of 9-11 and the American military.
In particular, the 9-11 Memorial calls attention to accidental civilian casualties in Afghanistan and ventures into 9-11 conspiracy wackiness by raising questions about whether the government could have stopped the attacks.
Neither of those stories have anything to do with remembering the barbaric attacks on innocent Americans, or honoring the ultimate sacrifice paid by American soldiers in the ensuing effort to confront terrorism at its roots.
I believe the Memorial is an insult to victims of 9-11, their families, and our military.
Espressopundit has great coverage of this issue.
Equally offensive is the Governor’s commission report on suggested “K-12 Educational Activities to Commemorate September 11th.”
Among other things, our high school students are expected to “explain the roots of terrorism,” including “background and motives” and “economic and political inequities and cultural insensitivities.”
Seventh-graders have a segment on “tolerance, unity and diversity” where the goal of the class is to “recognize both the unity and diversity of their class” while discussing how “some people had angry feelings about people who came from different parts of the world … they were intolerant.”
I think when terrorists kill thousands of innocent Americans it is OK to have “angry feelings” – especially when you watch video of people celebrating in the streets. That anger was largely not directed at just anyone from another country, but was quite appropriately directed at the terrorists and those who cheered them on.
Remembrances of the heroes of 9-11 should not be sullied by anti-American and anti-war sentiments, nor should our schoolchildren be indoctrinated in tolerance for terrorists.