We received this curious broadside on the night of our victory from Barry Dill, one of Janet Napolitano’s key advisers:
“Over the next eight weeks, we are confident that Len Munsil will be exposed for the inexperienced, out-of-the-mainstream zealot that he truly is.”
Wow. Maybe the reporters just didn’t write down the civil, gracious comment we would expect from the leader of our state. You know: “We congratulate Len on his primary victory and look forward to a spirited debate on the issues.” I’m sure that’s what they meant to say.
But much more revealing is this — a simple Christian faith is defined as zealotry by Janet Napolitano’s mouthpiece.
That kind of over-the-top rhetoric makes it pretty clear how Janet really sees things. At the same time, it raises plenty of questions about her new-found, election-year interest in visiting megachurches filled with “zealots.” Genuine interest in spiritual matters or cynical exploitation of the faith community? Only God knows.