The Tribune today compliments me on this blog:

Arizona political candidates should follow the lead of Republican Len Munsil and start writing personal campaign blogs filled with wit, personal charm and strong comparisons on the issues with their opponents.
Munsil posts almost every day for the home page of his campaign Web site, www.lenmunsil.com, giving us direct insight into his thoughts and motivations about running for governor. His writing was quite serious in the days leading up to last week’s primary victory. But he’s had plenty of lighter moments as well.
The best part is that Munsil puts himself on display for voters to evaluate — no filtering by political handlers or revisions by speechwriters. Do other candidates have the courage to do the same?

So here is my challenge to Janet Napolitano:
Since you claim you are too busy governing the state (is the legislature back in session?) to debate me, maybe we can have a blog-off. You won’t even have to leave the Rose Garden … I mean, the 9th floor.
We’ll figure out a way to let you post on my website, and we can have a real on-line debate in front of the people of Arizona. A free-flowing discussion of the issues, with points and counterpoints, unfiltered by the media.
You can put it on the front page of your website, and maybe someone will actually visit your page more than once. You committed a lot of money to that web page before you were even a candidate, and it’s a shame that it doesn’t get more traffic.
We’re getting hundreds of thousands of hits and thousands of unique visitors daily, and it’s not because we have a lame “Virtual Arizona” graphic.
In addition, you can take your pokes at me directly, rather than sending out your surrogates to attack me while you act like you are above the fray.
C’mon, Janet — whaddya say?