Here is the actual autodial message from Chris Simcox.
I’m told that after the illegal nature of these calls was pointed out on our website, the Goldwater campaign re-edited the autodial to add the “paid for” disclosure and to remove the line about Janet Napolitano. But I wanted you to hear the illegal version that went to tens of thousands of voters, if not hundreds of thousands, before we called them on it.
I’ve previously made clear my opposition to any form of amnesty, and to the Senate bill, not that it seems to matter to Goldwater supporters. This is from my blog in April:

“Simple justice requires a rejection of any form of amnesty – there can be no policy that allows those who have come illegally to gain an advantage over those who have waited in line to enter legally, from whatever country.”

I’m amused to hear Rep. Eddie Farnsworth and Congressman Trent Franks, among others, described as “open border” supporters of amnesty. I’m sure they are amused as well.
But the funniest falsehood in this illegal message is the notion that I took a “photo op” border tour. Here is my post following the border tour, and here are a few lines from that post on June 6:
Today Janet Napolitano heads to the border amid much hype for a phony photo-op. She has invited the media to witness her triumphal arrival, and they will….
But yesterday I saw the truth. While Janet Napolitano performs for the cameras today, I spent more than 7 hours yesterday covering dozens of miles of our border with a 30-year-veteran of local law enforcement….
I’m not interested in phony photo-ops. I’m interested in the truth of what is happening at our border.”
I don’t have a single photograph from the border tour in any of my brochures or on the website. You can look it up.
By contrast, virtually every picture of Don is at the border. But we’re still waiting for the picture of Don hunting javelinas on the border two years before the Minutemen were formed.