Don Goldwater is getting desperate.
At a time when my family has been hit with a vicious false attack – and it’s not clear which of my political opponents is behind it — he is accusing me of “lying” for stating a FACT that he has publicly admitted: the truth that although he claims to be pro-life now, he was pro-choice in the past.
He is calling that a “negative attack,” which makes me wonder if he understands the concept. By that definition, Don’s own words are a “negative attack” on himself. All I have said on this issue is what Don has said.
Don and I both signed a pledge earlier this year to run a race based on the issues, and not to engage in personal, false attacks. I have honored that pledge. Don has not.
Every critique I have made of Don has been truthful, and based on his position on issues, his lack of policy experience and his own statements.
One very prominent Goldwater supporter told me he completely agreed our mailer pointing out several facts about Don Goldwater was not a negative hit piece. It was a legitimate attempt to deal with Don Goldwater’s public statements and positions on issues, and his lack of leadership experience.
I’ve worked hard my entire life in Arizona to build a reputation for integrity and truthfulness. In the face of savage personal attacks on my wife and family in the past week, I have continued to be open and truthful. I’m very disappointed that Don would accuse me of lying.
I will give you the facts and you can decide who is telling the truth.
I am the only candidate for Governor who has been endorsed by Arizona Right to Life. Don Goldwater is claiming “support” from Arizona Right to Life, but in fact he is not endorsed or supported by that organization. The president of Arizona Right to Life, John Jakubczyk, felt the need to respond to these distortions and wrote the following in a letter to the editor of several newspapers:

“In deciding to endorse Len Munsil, ARTL endorsed a friend, an ally, and an activist who has been involved with pro-life work for the past 20 years – Whatever Don Goldwater’s past may have been, he states now publicly that he is pro-life. ARTL recognizes and acknowledges that. However, we look for an individual who has the experience and the involvement within the pro-life movement to be the standard-bearer. It is for this reason that we endorse Len Munsil.”

I have a letter from two highly respected Republican women stating that Don proudly identified himself as pro-choice to a Republican women’s group less than three years ago.
I remain glad Don appears to have moved in a pro-life direction, but am shocked that he would accuse me of lying about something he has publicly admitted. Here is what he said just a few weeks ago at a public debate in Mesa:
“In 1992 I ran a campaign, I was more of a libertarian at that point in time, I didn’t believe the government should get involved in it”.
This morning on KFYI he admitted that he used to believe it was totally a woman’s choice on whether to have an abortion.
That is the classic pro-choice position.
I’m at a complete loss to understand how he can accuse me of “lying” about what he has publicly admitted on numerous occasions.