Press Release For Immediate

Press Release

For Immediate Release
July 17, 2006
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As was reported by the Associated Press, two of my primary opponents chose to mock Janet Napolitano for being unmarried and childless. The third opponent, Don Goldwater, was given an opportunity to repudiate their statements and refused to comment.

As you will see from the article, I was asked at a news conference months ago to comment on this same issue. As I said at the time, while marriage and parenthood provide me with unique experiences and perspective, this campaign should be waged on the issues, not someone’s marital status. The disparaging tone and cruelty of the remarks was deeply disturbing.

I strongly repudiate these inappropriate comments by my primary opponents, and ask them to refrain from bringing further embarrassment to their campaigns and to the Republican Party. They should apologize immediately.

We will aggressively confront Janet Napolitano’s stand on issues and her record as governor. But mocking Janet Napolitano’s marital status is way out of bounds.

All three of my opponents have consistently made embarrassing and inappropriate comments in public. Because many of these forums occur without media present and in front of small and sympathetic audiences, these comments have largely gone unnoticed. In a general election campaign, these are gaffes from which campaigns do not recover.

These comments demonstrate that the Harris and Tupper campaigns have no credibility. That is one reason they have completely failed to raise any money or supporters. But for Don Goldwater to fail to recognize and repudiate these inappropriate comments when given the chance, demonstrates his lack of credibility as well.

There is a reason our campaign has gathered the support of four Congressmen and more than 30 state legislators. There is a reason why we could gather all our seed money in a few weeks, and nearly 10,000 signatures in a few months, and more than 6,000 qualifying contributions in a few months, while the Goldwater campaign struggles to qualify after nearly a year.

Not a single one of my primary opponents has any experience debating or discussing policy issues in the public eye. And that lack of experience and credibility is becoming more clear each time they open their mouths.