Press Release For Immediate

Press Release

For Immediate Release
September 19, 2006
Contact: Vernon Parker
(602) 418-2350

Contact: Alberto Gutier
(602) 908-8900

Munsil Campaign Calls on Clean Elections to
Investigate Apparent Money Laundering Scheme

Today the Munsil for Governor Campaign asked the Clean Elections Commission to investigate the relationship between the reelection campaign of Gov. Janet Napolitano, a non-profit organization for which she has raised funds, and two political committees that have fraudulently represented themselves as conservative and have been attacking Len Munsil with lies and distortions.

The Munsil campaign has uncovered evidence of an interrelationship between all four entities in use of personnel and resources that appears to be an elaborate money laundering scheme to evade the spending limits and reporting requirements of the Clean Elections financing system.

“However this sorts out legally – and we think there are serious legal violations that have occurred – this effort by supporters of a sitting Governor stinks to high heaven,” said Vernon Parker, Spokesman for the Munsil campaign. “For Janet Napolitano’s cronies to be engaged in fraudulent and deceptive attacks on her political opponent while she claims to run a clean campaign on the issues is reprehensible.”

“If Janet Napolitano was not aware of this effort by her cronies, she needs to publicly repudiate them and demand that they stop their fraudulent and false attacks,” Parker said. “If she was aware of this, her problems are just beginning.”