I participated Sunday afternoon in my first general election forum, and it had a different feel than primary events. There were proud Democrats protesting on the street in front, some of them complaining about the “9-11 coverup.”
The crowd at Temple Emanuel was packed with partisan Democrats, mostly supporting Harry Mitchell in his run against Congressman J.D. Hayworth. I sat next to J.D. and we decided that for Republicans this was definitely a “road game.”
Janet was not there to defend her home court advantage — obviously too busy governing Arizona on a Sunday afternoon — but sent Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon instead.
After my remarks were critical of Janet Napolitano’s failure to secure the border, Mayor Gordon acknowledged that Janet Napolitano had originally been against the idea of putting the National Guard on the border.
Still no recognition that her judgment was flawed, but at least we now know this — Janet Napolitano was against using the National Guard on the border until she was in favor of using the National Guard on the border.
John Kerry must be very proud.