After weeks of denying any involvement in the sleazy, false attacks on me by two fraudulently named committees, the Arizona Democratic Party today admitted they gave $100,000 to the effort! In fact, it appears the Democratic Party may be the sole supporter of this phony committee.
This is a stunning revelation that sets new lows for ethics in political races. The Democratic Party spent money to jump into a Republican primary to attack me! They used names that sounded Republican – “conservative” and “values” – and launched an autodial attack that falsely accused me of taking a position that has in fact been taken by their own candidate, Janet Napolitano.
When asked, they denied any involvement, while they were the ones funding it all along. And the false attacks on me continued after the primary.
How cynical can you get? Why were Democrats working so hard to keep me from winning the Republican Primary -don’t they believe the polls? How low are they willing to go to manipulate voters with these deceptive tactics?
The people of Arizona deserve a fair debate on the issues – and they expect honesty from their leaders.
Napolitano has denied any knowledge of this, even though the people behind it are Democratic Party operatives, one of whom told his hometown newspaper he was coming here to work on Janet Napolitano’s reelection. Until recently they worked for a nonprofit that she raised money for, and that many have speculated was created a year ago to help her get reelected.
Incumbent well ahead in the polls. Dirty campaign tricks from sleazy political operatives. Lies and deceit to cover it up. All this story needs is Woodward and Bernstein.
The question now is this – what did Janet Napolitano know, and when did she know it?