Don Goldwater’s campaign manager has admitted they are behind an illegal call today from Minuteman founder Chris Simcox.
The call is illegal because it does not identify in any way who is paying for it. The Goldwater campaign knows the calls are illegal, but apparently does not care.
Moreover, Chris Simcox makes this statement at the end of the call – after attacking me personally, and falsely saying I support amnesty, he says the state would be better off with Janet Napolitano!
That’s right – Don Goldwater’s campaign is now making the claim, in direct violation of Don’s promises to me and to the Republican Party – that they would rather have four more years of Janet Napolitano than elect one of his primary opponents!
I met with Simcox earlier this year, even though he had already committed to Goldwater. He said he appreciated my tough stance on the border, and although he would help Don he would not attack me in any way. He also said the main goal was to defeat Janet Napolitano.
The fact that Don Goldwater is willing to authorize illegal and false attacks late in a political campaign is simply more evidence that he should not be the nominee of the Republican Party.