Elections are about whose ideas are better for governing. The easiest way to compare is to watch debates between candidates. I want to encourage you to do so, and to email everyone you know with this link so that they can make up their own minds based on something other than media spin or campaign ads.
Here are several opportunities to compare my ideas with Janet Napolitano’s. First, the newly released video clips from our editorial board meeting with The Arizona Republic.
Also, our Tucson debate on Oct. 10 and our Phoenix debate on Oct. 5.
I have invited Janet Napolitano to debate multiple times all over Arizona. I have asked for a no-holds barred discussion of issues, with each of us having the opportunity to question and challenge each other. I have offered to have a blog-off, and am willing to put her responses unedited on my website.
But so far we have only a commitment to one more debate, the details of which are still being worked out.
In the meantime, please let people know about the links above and encourage them to cast an informed vote in November.