Three nationally respected pollsters have concluded in recent days that we are within striking distance of Janet Napolitano, including the Wall St. Journal/Zogby poll which has us 9 points behind.
Along comes a local pollster, Bruce Merrill. He shows the Protect Marriage Amendment that has passed in 20 states failing by 26 points, which is nearly 40 points different than other polls. And he shows us trailing Napolitano by 43.
He has done this before. In head to heads with Napolitano, he showed me tied with Republican Mike Harris – just two weeks before I beat Harris by 45 points in the primary. Somehow his polling missed that.
So if he’s off this time by the same amount he was off in the primary, I’ll only win by 2 points!
For Bruce Merrill to show me down 43 when Zogby has me down 9 is beyond silly. At what point does the normally critical media begin to ask questions about such outlandish results?
Here’s my challenge to Bruce Merrill – I think he should promise the people of Arizona that if I win this election, he will never poll them again. If he is tempted to poll again, he needs to commit to call someone for an intervention so we can get him into a 12-step program.
I want to remind you – every poll in the primary showed me behind by more than double digits. Somehow we managed to win by 11 points on election night.
So I need you to keep making calls, keep talking to friends, and redouble your efforts to get the message out! You will determine who is elected on Nov. 7, not the pollsters!