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Press Release

For Immediate Release
October 18, 2006
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Voters Should Be Outraged

Napolitano Snubs Voters and Declines Third Debate

Today, Janet Napolitano announced that a third debate was “unlikely” with Republican candidate Len Munsil.

“The voters of Arizona should be outraged. Ms. Napolitano is showing astunning amount of arrogance. She is clearly engaged in a strategy of hiding who she truly is from the public. The voters of Arizona deserve an opportunity to see the candidates next to each other, debating the issues. Janet Napolitano would rather keep her liberal agenda secret and hidden from plain view,” said Vernon Parker, spokesman for the Munsil campaign. “With 20 days to go before the election, it should be relatively easy to find a date that works for both campaigns.”

The Munsil campaign has repeatedly offered several dates to the Napolitano campaign and has received no offer of acceptance.