The Right To Bear Arms

Len Munsil is a strong defender of our Second Amendment rights. In addition, he has a track record of promoting gun rights under the Arizona Constitution.

In fact, it was nearly 20 years ago that he authored, together with Steve Twist, a law journal article that today remains the definitive defense of the right to bear arms under the Arizona Constitution. Here is what Len said in 1990:

The right to bear arms is “an absolute right,” and it “belongs to each ‘individual citizen.” This absolute right was intended by the framers to exist “without legislative restriction, even against the carrying of concealed weapons.”

In addition to these Constitutional considerations, Len knows that the right to bear arms and the right to self defense are necessarily present where there is true LIBERTY. Len believes a well-armed citizenry deters crime and deters threats from our enemies.

Janet Napolitano this year vetoed a bill that would have prevented the Governor from seizing firearms during a state of emergency. Len Munsil would have signed that bill.

With the guidance of the Arizona Constitution and his principled conservatism, as Governor, Len Munsil would remain a stalwart defender of Arizona citizens’ right to keep and bear arms.