John Kerry’s recent mocking of the American military during wartime — reminds us once again that many Democratic Party leaders don’t get it.
The anti-war nutcases have a stranglehold on the leadership of the Democratic Party. And no matter how many Democrats condemn Kerry’s remarks, we are reminded again that the anti-military left-wing philosophy is rampant among elected Democratic officials.
Our recent case in point — Janet Napolitano’s embrace of an anti-American “memorial” to 9/11. She called it honorable and respectful, despite its attacks on the American military every bit as offensive as John Kerry’s “joke.”
And while we wait for John Kerry to apologize, we are reminded that Janet Napolitano has still refused to apologize or to do anything to fix the anti-American memorial she commissioned at our state Capitol.
And unlike Kerry’s pathetic sense of humor, Napolitano’s left-wing, anti-military “memorial” is meant to be permanent.