Would it kill E.J. Montini to admit I was right?
On Sunday he took Janet Napolitano to task for failing to fix the problems with the 9/11 Memorial. As far as I can tell, Montini agrees with me that the Memorial was offensive and that Napolitano could have and should have fixed it, rather than embrace it as she did.
Despite this, he can’t resist this gratuitous cheapshot: “For Munsil to use the victims of 9/11 to try to win an election was disgusting and cruel. For Napolitano to have allowed the situation to fester for all these months isn’t much better.”
Montini obviously doesn’t recall that the 9/11 victims who supported me were grateful that I drew attention to the issue. Several of them came to me; none of them felt used.
Obviously Montini believes Napolitano’s handling of this issue reflects poorly on her leadership. How is that not an appropriate campaign issue?
Here is the truth — the issue was indeed a legitimate campaign issue, and it does reflect poorly both on Napolitano’s leadership and her worldview. The fact that they are still writing stories about it months later makes that very clear.
Here is another truth — For Montini to use the victims of 9/11 to try to get people to read his column is disgusting and cruel.