Thank you to the many of you who have already responded favorably by phone or email to the launch of our new political action committee, PRO-PAC! We are grateful for your support.
You can help spread the word by forwarding Wednesday’s email to your list of like-minded friends and urging them to sign up for my email updates.
We’ve also created quite a buzz in the blogosphere, mostly very positive, such as on, The Watchtower, and The Strenuous Life.
In this Arizona Republic story I address concerns from a few that this PAC is somehow meant to compete with the Republican Party.
Many people were aware that I was laying he groundwork for this PAC back in January, before the Party voted for a new chairman. Shortly after Randy Pullen was elected party chairman, I congratulated him and wished him success. We have exchanged phone calls; I reassured him of my support for the Party and he made it clear that he believes PRO-PAC will be helpful to the Republican cause. I expect we will meet to discuss this in the near future.
The Arizona Capitol Times quoted Randy Pullen today saying he does not expect my efforts to hurt the Party’s fundraising, but that my PAC is “potentially helpful,” noting the success of Republican PACs in other states and Democrat PACs here.
Lest there be any remaining doubt, I hope you will join me in giving to the Arizona Republican Party. Donations to the Party are unlimited. At the same time, I hope you will consider giving to PRO-PAC, where donations are limited to $3,530 per person per year. You can mail donations to:
6501 E. Greenway, Suite 103, #617
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
Let’s continue working together to advance the principles and platform of our Republican Party.