Today, on Arizona’s 95th anniversary of Statehood, and exactly one year after I entered the race for Governor of Arizona, the journey continues!
Today I have filed papers with the Secretary of State and am announcing the formation of a new Arizona political action committee, PRO-PAC, that will work to advance the Reagan Republican principles I fought for in my campaign for Governor.
PRO stands for “Principled Reaganesque Outcomes” – and that is exactly what we will be fighting for through this political action committee.
We have been watching as a Governor who won re-election based on conservative principles – as a tax cutter who was tough on border security – has quickly abandoned those principles. She has gone back to ignoring border security while proposing huge new expansions of Arizona government that will lead inevitably to tax increases.
We need to begin now to oppose this liberal agenda and to prepare for the next elections, and we need your help to do it!
That is why I have started and will serve as Chairman of this new political committee!
Reagan Republican principles of limited government, lower taxes, a tough approach to crime and border security, strengthening the family and protecting life – these are still the values that resonate with our people.
How do we know this? First, as already noted, Gov. Napolitano had to present herself as a champion of conservative principles to win. Second, she was able to do this because Arizona’s taxpayer-funded election system did not provide us with the financial resources to reach vast numbers of voters with our conservative message and her liberal record.
Post-election polling made it clear that we lost the election for reasons completely unrelated to our Reagan conservative message. And they also revealed that our lack of funding meant that, even on Election Day, many Arizona voters had no idea who I was.
In that scenario, a well-known incumbent supported by the liberal media, and running in a year of national antagonism toward Republicans, had an insurmountable advantage.
Despite those trends, THANKS TO YOU we ran one of the strongest grassroots campaigns in Arizona history, pulling off a shocking upset in the Republican primary and making a strong uphill effort against the national tides working in favor of Democrats.
More than half-a-million Arizonans voted for our campaign. Thousands of you made phone calls, put up signs and provided financial support.
We can’t quit now! I’ve been fighting for common sense conservative principles in public policy for more than 20 years, and I’m not about to stop!
In the last few elections many of us have noticed a gap in timely financial support from outside groups for Republican candidates. We intend to fill that gap.
I hope you will decide today to help me continue this fight for our values by financially supporting PRO-PAC! You can help us hit the ground running by sending a generous donation to PRO-PAC at this address:
6501 E. Greenway, Suite 103, #617
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
Donations of any amount are welcome, with a maximum of $3,530 per person or $7,060 per married couple. Donations are not tax deductible.
Thank you so much for your continued support! With your help, we will continue to fight for our common-sense principles and values!