This is from Gov. Napolitano’s website:

Keeping Arizona’s Children Healthy and Safe
Governor Napolitano believes Arizona must not only be a great state to grow old in, but also a great state to grow up in….That’s why Governor Napolitano has made important and successful strides in keeping Arizona’s children healthy and safe.

That’s what makes her on-going opposition to a ban on partial birth abortion so incomprehensible. We are all horrified by the stories of “shaken babies” and the mistreatment of newborns and small children. But for some reason, a child in the process of being born can be brutally killed in a process described as “barbaric” and “grotesque” by federal judges. And this is defended by abortion extremists as an important “right?”
The Supreme Court has approved the constitutionality of bans on partial birth abortion. After Gov. Napolitano vetoed a ban earlier this session, the Legislature overwhelmingly and with bipartisan support passed a new ban that addressed both of the concerns expressed in her veto letter.
The Center for Arizona Policy provides an opportunity to encourage the Governor to fulfill her pledge to “keep Arizona’s children safe” by signing this bill.
For anyone who cares about children, this ought to be an easy decision.